Installation method of TV hanger in living room


Installation steps of TV rack

1. Prepare tools and materials. Before installing the TV hanger, you need to prepare tools and materials, including electric drill, screwdriver, pencil and necessary tape measure.

2. Determine the position. After selecting the suitable TV rack according to the size of the TV purchased by yourself, measure with a tape measure to determine and draw the installation position of the TV rack, and mark the specific screw hole position with a brush.

Note: load bearing walls, such as cement, concrete, solid brick and Plank Wall, shall be selected for the installation position of TV hanger, and hollow brick, marble, gypsum board or places with high humidity and strong light shall not be selected.

3. After the installation position of the hanger is determined, the electric drill can be used to drill holes on the wall to install the hanger. The size of the holes drilled by the electric drill should be consistent with the size of the hanger. If it is a imitation marble wall, the anti riot drill can be used to drill the wall hole.

4. After the installation hole is drilled on the wall, install the expansion rubber plug to install the LCD TV hanger on the wall. During installation, it is necessary to confirm whether the hanger is stable and fixed. After installation, it is necessary to test whether it is stable by hand.

5. The next step is to hang the TV. When installing the TV, you need to refer to the installation instructions in order to install the TV on the wall safely, which completes the installation of the whole TV rack.