Where is the monitor bracket easy to use?


In other words, cervical spondylosis, myopia, mouse hand and eye fatigue are the four stubborn diseases of contemporary people. Everyone has a little bit more or less. The causes of these persistent diseases may be related to the height of the easily neglected display.

However, it is far from enough that the height of the desktop can be lifted and adjusted. The height of the display is also very important. Even to protect the cervical spine and not be a bow head family, the most important thing is the height of the display (whether desktop computer, all-in-one computer, notebook, tablet, mobile phone screen).

Because without a support, if the height of the desktop is suitable for the keyboard, the position of the display will be low and you still have to lower your head; If the height of the desktop allows you to look up at the monitor, it is too high for the keyboard.

Therefore, in addition to lifting the computer desk, you also need a display bracket with adjustable height and angle. The height of the desktop is adjusted. It is suitable to put your arms and keyboard, and you can stand and work.