How to select the display stand


1. Artificial board

The man-made board is the density board with melamine facing on both sides, and the particle board, also known as particleboard, with melamine facing on both sides. This kind of physical performance is a little worse. Both belong to relatively low-grade and cheap plates, which are used in many furniture, floors and cabinets. This kind of plate has environmental protection grade, but according to the European standard, at least E1 grade plate should be used. If E0 grade plate can be used, it would be better. However, E0 grade plate is not very popular in China, but it is more popular in Europe,

There are also the following thick plates. If they are melamine faced, they may be MDF or particleboard, but if they are baked with paint, they are basically MDF. Paint baking is generally packaged and cannot be disassembled. It can be used when it is taken out, with better stability; The melamine finish is mostly locked with screws and disassembled. After receiving it, it needs to be installed by itself. The stability is relatively poor. Special attention should be paid to the structural design, otherwise it will shake, and more disassembly and assembly may be abandoned.

2. Solid wood

Of course, there are also high-rise frames for solid wood, because the price of logs is high and low due to wood species. For example, the price of Chinese fir and pine may be lower,; In addition, there are problems with the structure of friends, including full assembly and disassembly, but anyway, I think the solid wood is still a little tall, and the design can also be well concave. Does the picture below look better than the one above?

3. Metal

They are basically made of aluminum alloy, similar to Apple style. The price is about 100-200. They look OK. They are more market-oriented and modern. They compete with solid wood style.